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What are the Campaign dates?

The Partners for Kids Patron Check Campaign usually begins with a kickoff luncheon for Principals, School Coordinators, Media Sponsors, Corporate Sponsors, and other community VIP's and unless otherwise requested starts in the fall as the premier fund raising event of the year. The distribution of the Patron Checkbooks to the public generally last two-three weeks and is promoted aggressively by the media sponsors.

How many Patron Checkbooks can we expect to distribute at our school?    


The number of Patron Checkbooks distributed varies from school to school; however, most school systems average two books per enrolled student. Other considerations are:

  1. What are the economic conditions at your school?
  2. Are there any other fund producing projects preceding this effort at your school? 
  3. Is the project to be presented to the students with excitement and enthusiasm? If yes, you should be prepared to distribute a large number of Patron Checkbooks. Your school has the opportunity to make this campaign an exciting, visible event for the students and the community. The media involvement will encourage patrons of your school to support the effort and not miss out on the great discounts in the Patron Checkbook. 


What do we do with the funds raised?

Money raised by your school in the Partners for Kids Patron Check Campaign should be deposited into your general budget if it's a school project or handled by your PTO/PTA if it's to be their fundraising effort. Regardless of which method you choose, 75% should be retained by your school; the remaining $2.50 per checkbook sold should be sent to Partners for Kids to cover printing and administrative cost.

What if we have remaining checkbooks after the sell?

If you have checkbooks remaining after the official distribution phase of the project they may be retained by your school for $2.50 per book. However, if your school does not desire to retain extra books, they may be returned to Partners for Kids along with the printing cost of $1 per book. 

What if we run out of checkbooks - can we get more?

Prior to the start of the project, each participating school orders an amount equal to the number of books they feel comfortable with distributing. However, we order a small excess of books to be printed, generally ten percent of the total order. These books are available to schools at any time during the campaign as long as the supply last. In addition, during the campaign we monitor sells at each participating school. If your school runs out of books and if some other school anticipates they will have a few extra books we may be able to transfer books from another school.  


Does the Patron Checkbook include merchants and sponsors from our community?

Providing a greater community involvement is one of the primary reasons of establishing the Partners for Kids Patron Checkbook Campaign effort in your area. In other words, there will be plenty of local merchants involved in your project.  All popular restaurants, retailers, and entertainment attractions are invited to participate at no cost to them by our professionally trained staff. They represent your school system with integrity and encourage each merchant to get involved in this exciting and visible event. We have found that most businesses are very interested in supporting schools within their area, particularly when it means directing more customers to their door. That is why the Partners for Kids Patron Checkbook projects are such and win-win program.   


Are prizes and incentives included in the program?

Many fine prizes and incentives are donated from participating sponsors of the event and are available to you at no cost. These incentives are defined as the Primary Prize Program. Free posters and brochures explaining the prizes are issued to each participating school. However, since you know what motivates your students better than anyone, we recommend that each school enhance the Primary Prize Program by reserving fifty cents from each checkbook sold to customize the prize program incentives. 


Should we send the Patron Checkbooks home with the students?

The schools that do extremely well with the Partners for Kids project arms each student with at least one Patron Checkbook. If the parents have an opportunity to see and touch the book - they want it! However, if your school is unable to send a book home, you may consider sending a letter and a brochure home for their review. 


How do we get started in the project?

We feel most communities contain enormous resources to establish its own Partners for Kids Patron Checkbook program. The first step to that objective is to meet with Gary Heath, Project Coordinator for Partners for Kids. Simply contact our office by phone or email and let’s get started being Partners for Kids.

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